4 Android Apps You Can Use To Enhance Your Dental Care

Though most people take it for granted, dental care is a health service that is very important. Some of the problems associated with neglecting your dental care include loss of teeth, having crooked teeth, foul breath and even mouth infections. To ensure that you do not suffer from any of these, it has often a good idea that you try and do all you can to keep your dental health in good condition. You can even use a number of Android apps to achieve this. Some of these amazing apps include:


The process of brushing teeth is often done in a very simple manner. However, if you need your teeth to be extremely clean, you would need to follow a prescribed method of brushing. Most dentists recommend that you spend thirty seconds brushing each quadrant of your mouth. In some cases, keeping track of this time may be a hard thing to do, which is where you can use this app. This app will give you a guide of which quadrant to brush, and also incorporates a timer that will guide you about how long you ac market should brush that quadrant. This app therefore ensures that you take care of your teeth in the best way possible, reducing your visits to the dentist.

Dentist Anywhere

This is one of the most innovative dental applications you can use today. In a nutshell, Dentist Anywhere allows you to connect with your dentist without having to visit them to give them a call. For instance, when you need to book an appointment with them, you only need to use the app to do this. In addition to that, you can also use it for booking of emergency care as well.

Dental Video Lexicon

While this application may not be directly useful for you when trying to take care of your teeth, you can easily use it to learn more about the field of dentistry. For instance, it has a number of videos that show how procedures such as tooth extractions and fillings are done. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you go to get such services done. In addition to that, it has a dictionary to explain the meaning of various dental terms. This will make it much easier for you to decide what kind of service you need from the dentist. For instance, when you need to get fillings, you can simply use the app to define what a filling is, and the differences between composite and amalgam fillings. You can then choose the one that suits you most.


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