5 Common Types of Hosting Plans for Your Domain Name Registration WordPress Website

Plans for Domain Name Registration

When starting a business website, most people tend to slant towards free and cheap web hosting plans. This is totally okay at the onset since they don’t have much traffic. However, when your online business starts to grow, you’ll start to receive overwhelming traffic. This is the right time to upgrade your website by moving to a powerful web hosting server. A powerful web server costs money, but it’s well worth it considering the exponential growth of your business. If you leave your website like that, you risk losing sales as the site will start to become sluggish and no customer likes slow websites. With that in mind, here are the various web hosting plans to acquaint yourself with to ascertain which one suits your current business position:

  •  Buy a domain name and choose a shared web hosting plan to host your website

Shared hosting is where you share the same web server with other websites. Shared hosting is advantageous because the cost of hosting is shared out among the sites hosted on the server. The downside to shared hosting is that the most popular websites on the server may negatively impact the performance of your website. New website owners usually start with shared hosting as its low cost, and they don’t have a lot of traffic yet.

  •  Perform a domain name registration and choose reseller web hosting plan for your website

Reseller web hosting is a lot like shared web hosting, only that it comes with additional tools to allow you to resell hosting space to other website owners. This web hosting plan is perfect for those who want to engage in the business of selling web hosting space. Otherwise, if you’re a first-time website owner, it’s a good idea to stick to shared web hosting.

  •  Buy a domain name and use the dedicated web hosting plan for your website

Like the name suggests, dedicated web hosting plan is where you rent out a single physical server from a web hosting company.  You benefit from absolute control of your space. With this kind of plan, you’ll have a piece of mind knowing that there is no website in your space to slow down the performance of your website. This is the highest level of web hosting you can get. Dedicated web hosting is designed for businesses with tons of traffic. The cost of dedicated web hosting is substantially high, but those who subscribe to it can afford it because their business is booming.

  •  Do a domain name registration and host your website with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan

A virtual private server is essentially both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It’s quite similar to owning a condo. Although you share things on the property, in the end, you’re entirely responsible for taking care of your property and doing repairs inside the condo. So in a VPS, you are given resources not shared by everyone.

  •  Cloud based web hosting –The newest plan to buy a domain and host your website

This is a relatively new web hosting technology that lets multiple individual servers work in unison so that it appears as a gigantic server. Essentially, as the need skyrockets, the hosting firm is able to incorporate more commodity hardware to culminate into a larger cloud or grid.


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